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March 2016

Interview of ForHealth’s CEO Stratos Grimanelis to “The Doctor” journal

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DOC: Mr. Grimanelis tell us a few words about ForHealth

ForHealth is a new company with a vision of providing high quality services to Patients, Healthcare Professionals and Pharmaceutical Companies. The expertise of our partners is focused on understanding barriers to improving adherence, elements of successful adherence, designing and implementing patient support programs. At ForHealth we believe that the patient is entitled to receive high quality health services, regarding Education in correct drug administration and disease management.


DOC: At this difficult period for our country, but also for Europe, what was it that prompted you to start this effort?

I am in the health sector for 25 years now. Over the last years, we have experienced numerous and significant changes in the healthcare system of our country. In addition, recent initiatives in reforming Healthcare Systems to enhance quality and reduced costs have made it imperative for healthcare stakeholders to move beyond the traditional approaches and seek newer value-creating avenues.


DOC: Just before you mentioned the term Adherence. Why is it so important for Patient to be adherent?

Drug Adherence describes the extent to which Patients follow their healthcare provider’s recommendations on medication, diet and lifestyle modifications. Unfortunately almost never a patient complies precisely with advices that have been given by his doctor.

The problem of poor Adherence has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), wherein on a report at 2003 stated that Drug Adherence for chronic patients is only 50%. In addition 49% of patients admit that they have forgotten to take their medication, 31% have not executed the prescription that they were given and 29% have stopped taking the drug, before it runs out.

The most important element is that in diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, where the patient is not experiencing intense side effects of the disease, Drug Adherence to treatment is reduced at least 40%, the first 3 months.


DOC: What are the consequences of non-adherence?

Today there is increasing evidence to suggest that any attempt to increase medication compliance, will have a large impact on population health, including reducing complications in diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, while increasing the life expectancy of patients, slowing of clinical progression of the disease, reduced hospital admissions, reduced cost of treatment and hospitalization of patients.

Recent studies at USA show that the annual costs are approximately U.S. $ 300 billion in direct and indirect costs, while for every dollar spent on support programs benefit the health system is $ 7 for patients with diabetes and $ 3.98 for patients with hypertension.


DOC: What are the solutions that ForHealth can offer?

We at ForHealth, have the ability to design and implement Programs in terms of treatment needs and particularities of each medication, with respect to the individuality of each patient, combining ForHealth’s three (3) basic organizational structures which are our Nurse Network, the Support Call Center and Health Information Management System (HIMS). Each program may consist of

  • Support line staffed by qualified Healthcare Professionals such as nurses, nutritionists, psychologists
  • Patient and caregivers training relevant to the proper drug administration and disease management
  • Reminder services according treatment requirements


Additionally, new technologies can play a significant role in this effort, as through a unique device patient or his caregivers can receive an automated SMS reminder on their cell phone in case of untimely medication.

In closing I would like to emphasize that through all these changes which implies strongly are that everyone now is focusing on patients. Patients are looking for information and solutions to their problems. We are here to support any effort that could help improve the quality of life of our fellow.